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another dream

Posted by dreamscapeexperiment on September 22, 2008

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. I thought about expanding it to write something like the previous post here, but eventually I decided just to write a short description of what happened in the dream without expanding it, because I was lazy. 😉 In that dream, I was talking on the internet with someone who claimed to be from another planet. We were talking in a thread on some forum, but there was mostly me and that person involved in the discussion. I didn’t believe him at first, but I was curious, so I decided to ask him questions about himself and the world he supposedly came from. His explanations were so detailed and coherent that I gradually started believing him more and more.

He told me a lot about the world he lived in, its people and culture. It was really interesting and I still remember some things about it. The world was much smaller than Earth, and it had only one continent that was small enough to be considered just an island by the Earth standard. Its size was that of an average Earth country, and it was more than twice as long in the north-south direction than in the east-west one. The person showed me a map of it, which wasn’t very detailed, but it was good enough to get the general idea of what the continent was like. There was something like a main road that went from north to south through the center of the continent, with a few smaller ones spreading outwards from it towards the shores. The cities were arranged mostly along the main road, with the biggest one close to the center of the continent, slightly to the south. One strange thing was that there weren’t really any cities near the shores, even though it’s common on Earth.

The world wasn’t very populated. Most of the cities were very small, with only one rather large capital city. And I’m not sure how to describe it, but the cities, unlike on Earth, were kind of integrated into the natural environment, as if they were a part of nature instead of being something that disrupts it. The civilization there was slightly more technologically advanced than ours, with space travel easily available, but they didn’t really use it that much, and preferred to stay on their home planet, where they all lived in peace. However, when they discovered Earth, they got fascinated with it, as our civilization was much bigger than theirs… it was as if someone from a small village suddenly discovered a huge city. Many of them wanted to be a part of it, but for some reason they didn’t decide to come here to our planet personally. Instead, they found a way to connect to our Internet, so that they could integrate with us, learn about our world and culture, and simply have a nice time, without revealing themselves. They joined online communities to talk with humans (the person I talked with in my dream said that he especially liked Facebook) and it satisfied their desire to be a part of a culture that’s much larger than their home planet.

Eventually, during the conversation, the person I was talking to posted a photo supposedly showing a landscape from his planet. After that, another person joined the conversation, saying that it’s a fake photo, because it shows some place on Earth near the place where they live. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out how that was resolved, because the dream ended at that moment…


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dream one

Posted by dreamscapeexperiment on July 23, 2008

      Most people probably never have the experience that suddenly they have no idea where they are and what’s going on. But not everyone is like most people, so here I am standing in a strange place, in a strange world. I look around, curious about what this place is, unable to remember how I got here and even where I come from. I see many houses around me, some of them grouped together, and other standing alone far away from the rest of them. There must be hundreds of them in this place, because I can see them all the way towards the horizon. It’s like a large city, except that one thing is rather unusual. . . there aren’t any large buildings. Most of them are just small, one or two floor houses, with some taller ones rising above the rest in a few places. I can also see a few rather high towers far away, but from such distance I can only guess what their purpose is.
      To the right I see a river, which flows quietly from somewhere behind me, then bends a little to the right as it passes next to me, and continues onwards through the city, dividing it into two quite similar looking parts. I’m standing on a pavement that goes along the left bank of the river. There’s neatly cut grass both to the left of it, and to the right, between the river bank and the pavement. There is also a narrow bridge a little farther away. Both the pavement and the bridge are made of some kind of cream colored stone. Or maybe it only looks like that in this light? The sun is already quite low on the sky, its light giving the world a slightly yellow-orange tint, and its reflection on the river surface sparkling in gold. I don’t know what time it is now, but I have a feeling that it’s late afternoon. Or could it be early morning?
      One thing that intrigues me the most about this strange place is how quiet and peaceful it is. Even though I’m in what appears to be the middle of a large city, the only sounds I can hear is the flow of the river, and distant cries of some birds in the sky, which I can’t even recognize, as if I’ve never seen or heard them anywhere before. For a moment I’m afraid that I’m alone in a deserted and long forgotten place, but when I look closer I can spot some people walking around in the distance, entering and leaving the houses. There aren’t many of these people, but still their presence makes me feel somewhat relieved. Suddenly I notice another peculiar thing. I haven’t seen any cars in this city, and not even any streets that are wide enough to drive cars on them. How do people here move between different places that can be far away? I wonder if I I’ll ever get an answer to this. . .
      As I said, I don’t even remember why I am here in this strange city, or how I got here. But it doesn’t feel like having a hole in my memory, or an amnesia. Not that I know what it feels like to have amnesia, but now it seems to me as if nothing had existed before the time I opened my eyes just a few minutes ago and found myself standing here. I have memories of other places and other cities, but these memories seem to me more and more like something from another world, or even another existence, that may have never even happened. As I continue walking along the bank of the river, I suddenly sense some kind of presence next to me, as if there was someone walking next to me, but when I stop and look around, I don’t see anyone. But I can hear a voice in my mind. It doesn’t really feel like someone talking to me, though… it’s more like a distant, long forgotten memory of someone’s voice suddenly coming back to me because something that I’ve just seen reminded me of it. This is the City at the Center of Time and Space, I remember the voice saying. But is it really a memory? I can’t recall ever hearing anything about this City at the Center of Time and Space before. The voice seems familiar, but I have no idea who it may be. It doesn’t exist in any particular place, and no map has ever marked its location, the voice from my memory continued. It also doesn’t exist at any particular point of time. But no matter where you are, and at which point in the history you live, if you find the right way you can enter the City and meet people from the past, present, or future, who also found their way. And when you leave it, you return to the exact place and time where you were just before entering the City. It’s a place that exists, in a way, behind the scenes of the Universe, connecting with all the points of the space-time continuum, binding them together to form the world you live in, and countless other worlds.
      And that is all. Maybe there is more that the mysterious voice told me, but at this time I can’t remember anything else. But as I walk through the city, thinking about what I know about this place, and occasionally looking at other people who pass by, I know that what the voice said is true.
      After a while, I realize that something’s changing. I stand there, watching the people around me, the countless small houses that form the city, the slowly flowing river with the setting sun reflected in it, and the cloudy sky above me with strange birds that I can’t recognize, but at the some time I feel as if I were somewhere else. . . the City at the Center of Time and Space seems more and more distant to me, and it’s slowly fading away like smoke that rises and eventually disappears into the sky. Everything I’ve seen becomes a blur, and a moment later the blur becomes just a memory, as I realize I’m somewhere else, far away. . . and when I open my eyes, the scenes in my memory that remain of my whole experience are just small bits and pieces of what has really happened. I know it, even though I can’t remember anything else. . . but from what I remember I know that it was something very special.


The above is a description of a dream I’ve had some time ago. It was a strange dream, because even though it didn’t really have a storyline and there’s much I don’t remember from it, it was quite coherent and described a very unique place. I’ve been thinking about what exactly is the center of time and space… if we view the Universe as a four-dimensional sphere (a hypersphere), where the three-dimensional surface is our current three-dimensional Universe, and the fourth dimension, the distance from the center of the hypersphere, represents time, then the center of time and space would be the center of the hypersphere. The closer to the center we move, the smaller the surface of the 4D sphere with the particular radius (distance from the center) becomes, which represents how the Universe was smaller in the past. And about 13 billion years ago, at the moment of the Big Bang, the Universe was infinitely small, like the surface of a zero-radius hypersphere. In that way, the Big Bang can be seen as the center of time and space. It doesn’t seem like a possible place for the existence of an entire world from my dream, but since it’s currently impossible to know what exactly happened at the Big Bang. It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe…

So, if anyone ever manages to find their way to the City at the Center of Time and Space, and there you see a clueless-looking person walk along the river, this great mystery will finally be solved… 😉

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